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Website design prices are very different in the united kingdom. Website design prices, which are reflected in the cheap name, start from £ 150. But these figures are cheap prices as can be understood from the name. When you buy websites that cost £ 150, you actually get websites that you can do by working half an hour. The website design agents who make these websites are committing fraud under the name of website design. The reason for this is that if you deliver 150 pounds, you may not be able to reach the website design agency (or person) again. In general, these website designers are singular individuals rather than being a corporate company. The purpose of these people who do not have much knowledge about website design is to get money from you. They usually deliver you by designing a wordpress website. They will definitely not respond to the changes you will want in website design.  For example, if you want to change the fonts on the site, they are usually people who cannot even do that. 

Affordable website design prices start from £ 500 in London and the United Kingdom. These website design companies or individuals also usually use ready-made software such as wordpress. However, some companies, among which we are among us, make custom software. In fact, we can liken this website design business to designing and making a furniture. What we mean by ready-made software, imagine that you buy a furniture from companies such as ikea, can you make changes in this furniture? I'll tell you no. But we and website design agencies like us with special software; the furniture is shaped according to your wishes while it is still in production, and if you want to make an addition later, we know how we do it, so we can easily make changes or additions. When assembling the ready-made furniture, you cannot add much material because you will not have much material in your hand, especially if you have no idea about the furniture, you cannot do anything other than installation. This is the main difference between ready-made and customised software. 

In addition, united kingdom website design prices can affect the price in the features you add. For example, if you want extra language options on the website, these will be reflected in the price as a plus. Let's explain with an example: You have a website design request and you want this website to broadcast in 4 languages. The English language is already the main website design cost. Extra software is required to add other languages and publish them on the website. This will cause an increase in the price of your website. Especially customers who want Arabic language pay higher prices. This is due to the writing of Arabic from right to left. 


In addition, another variable affecting website design prices in the UK is due to the seo infrastructure. Seo infrastructure increases the work to be done on the website almost 3 times. For example, while it takes 2 weeks to build a website from start to finish, it takes an extra 2 weeks to create the seo infrastructure and to make the site compatible for seo. In these united kingdom website design prices, seo costs should not be underestimated at all. 


What you need to know for website design in the United Kingdom: 


In fact, although you don't need to know much, you need to ask the company that you will design the website before the website design price:

  • Will you make the website with custom software or ready-made software such as Wordpress?
  • If you are going to make custom software, what is the software language, ASPX or PHP?
  • Will you include seo infrastructure on the website?
  • Does the website have an easy-to-use admin panel? If so, can I see the demo? 
  • How did you determine the cost of the website. How long will it take you to design the website?


Do not think about designing a website in the united kingdom without getting answers to these questions. So how should the answers be? 

The answer to question 1: Custom software is always to your advantage. As we have explained in the example above, custom-written website design agencies can fully respond to your requests. 

The answer to the 2nd question : It should be PHP. ASPX website developers are very few. For this reason, if you have a problem with the website design agency in the united kingdom, you may have to redo your site. ASPX software cannot be continued by other website developers because of the small number of developers. You can think of it as English is like French. You can think of it like the number of people in the world who speak English and the number of people who speak French. Of course, this is one in a million... 

The answer to question 3: It should be absolutely yes. A website that is not visible in search engines like Google will not do you any good. 

4. The answer to the question : If the website design agency does not give an admin panel like wordpress, you can definitely consider it. But you should examine the admin panel and make sure it is easy to use. Because many website design agencies, including us, leave you variables such as content entry or price after finishing the website. You must be sure that you can do these.

5. The answer to the question : It should be at least 1 month. Whether your website is made in 2 days or 2 weeks, the united kingdom website design agency should serve you for 1 month. Until the end of this period, you must not pay the website design fee. Otherwise, your work may remain half done. 

Long story short, website design prices vary greatly in the United Kingdom. A website that will accurately describe your company or your business will start from at least £ 500.


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