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As Seodizayn, we create professional solutions and professional web pages in Web Design, we are aware that the phrase is meaningless for many of you. Well, how about learning the details of both the work we do and the service we provide?


Maybe it will be a long article, but I recommend that you read this article carefully so as not to "confuse apple and pear".


Web Design Solutions


Although the web design job is the same in terms of results, the ways to this result are very different. The main purpose of a web page is to output html. You can get this html output in many ways, for example:

  • Making the website with direct html code
  • Preparing with administration panel using PHP, ASP.NET or similar software
  • Using ready-made software

Each of them actually offers you an html output. In addition, one of the indispensable elements of web design is Css and Js files. If I were to explain their purpose simply: "These files, unlike programming, only serve to bend and color the html output".


Well, let's explain how web design prices are shaped, if you want:


Web Design prices

 The first variable is actually labor. Web design prices vary widely, but the most important variable is labor. As you know, responsive (compatible) designs have entered our lives with the developing technology. Web pages that are displayed correctly are now desired even on devices such as phones and tablets. It is the codes in the Css system that provide this. We web design companies can write separate codes for devices of each resolution or we can write and leave only for 2 or 3 of them. The people you say "They are making a web page for 1000 lira, bro" limit this compatibility mode (usually) to the theme they get. He cannot provide more service. Or, if you want extra changes or design corrections on your website tomorrow, besides the compatibility problem, this is also within the price given to you. The web design firm will either ask you for extra money or will not make the changes you want.
We can call the second variable Time. Imagine that you have a company and that the monthly expense of your company is 10 thousand TL. When a new project arrives, your priority (if you are producing services) is how long it will take you. Although the materials used and the workforce are important, the most important factor is the time given. How much would you pay for a service that will take your 20 days? The process is not very important for companies selling products. Of course, no matter how long the product is prepared, only the most important factor is the raw material of the product and the number of workers working in the production. Of course quality. However, since companies that produce services like us do not use raw materials that do not produce any products, and the company personnel spend time in terms of labor, pricing is directly proportional to how much effort is put into it. Of course, you can say that "my brother banane, I will pay so much from your time from your employee" You can find people who will make your web page for the numbers you will say (except us). Do not miss this. "How Much Bread, More Meatballs" The cheaper web design companies are the foreign web design agencies to the subject and the work. And many of your requests may be inconclusive. As a company profile, we consider words such as "this is not possible, this does not come here, this web page will stretch, I do not know this, I cannot do it", we consider it cruel. If a job is taken, it is our priority to deliver the job until the end and company satisfaction.
  • We can call the third important issue security. Some companies create your web page with ready-made software in a short time (mostly because they do not know software), companies like us create custom designs and software by coding from scratch. You will immediately have the following question: "What is changing for me, special or ready?" To put it simply, I can say security. As the source codes of ready-made software are distributed free of charge on the internet, they are at the target of hackers. Of course, you will say, "What would hacks do with me? I am a tradesman in my own way". You are a tradesman in your own right, but the main purpose of the group that we call hackers is to hack (disrupt) web pages to gain ego. It is more important to him how many web pages he hacked rather than the relationship with the web page. Therefore, your website is also a direct target for hackers.
  • The fourth important issue can be called the mastery of the software language used. To summarize this issue, which is related to our first variable: Today, many company owners demand web pages with management panels on web design. The reason for this is that they want to publish their work on their web pages quickly and smoothly by reducing the costs that may occur later. Many agencies that produce solutions to meet these rightful requests solve these deficiencies with ready-made software. Of course, many requests from the company owner may remain unanswered because he does not have a command of the software language here. For example, you need to work on a simple calculation on your web page and multiply the prices of two products on your website, add VAT at 18% and reflect it on the screen. In such cases, people using ready-made software get stuck, then your phones won't turn on. Although this is an example of software that we mentioned, many companies cannot provide service because they do not even know about html changes, never mind software support.

The basis we want to understand about web design is "Not to Mix Apple with Pear" Yes, we know that these are not your subject or business and we are aware that we do not complain about it. As our ancestors said, "It is not a shame not to know, it is a shame not to learn" You have to learn what the service is or what is not, even if you do not know the science of the work done. We are writing this article in order to explain the subject in order to cut ridiculous statements such as "I have a niece for 500 lira". Regarding web design, I made the web site done, unfortunately, it is not in question. You will have a website that is constantly being worked on and growing like a baby's growing. And it is important for you to choose the best or the most suitable one for you. We do not insist on choosing us, or we do not insist that we do not make ready-made software and make special software. Don't just confuse apple and pear, it's enough for us.


As Seodizayn, we can open all the phones that come to us in a clear way. The main reasons we can achieve this are compatible with what we have mentioned. Our effort and knowledge is always in favor of the company. And we guarantee job completion in all of the services we provide. For this reason, our prices may be more expensive than other companies. We may not get as much work as they do, but we deliver the work we receive properly. We stand behind our work to the end and we want you to know that we deserve the last penny of the wages we receive.

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