Seo Prices UK

We have already given the seo prices of our company on our SEO PRICES page, but it is worth repeating:

The cheapest seo prices are in our company seo designer

For companies with Easy Keywords:
for 10 Keywords £499 / per month
for 20 Keywords £699 / per month
Our 20 Keywords and ready-made software supported package £1499 / per month


For companies with difficult Keywords:
for 10 Keywords £999 / per month
for 20 Keywords £1399 / per month
Our 20 Keywords and ready-made software supported package £1899 / per month


Our pricing method; While it is about the hard or easy keywords and whether our customer's website is ready-made software, our competitors' seo prices are generally; It is divided into large-scale companies, small-scale companies and medium-sized companies. That's how they say seo prices. We didn't make much sense of it.

Let's discuss with you an example:

Imagine please: You now own a transport company in the United Kingdom. Keywords for shipping companies are always difficult. You started your company 20 years ago and your annual income is £350,000. Your competitor founded his company last year, annual earnings: £35,000. Do you think the difficulty level of the same keywords will be easy or difficult? How could yours be more expensive? Frankly, this seemed like a bit of a scam to us.

So why pay more just because the company is big? Maybe you appear on the first page of Google in many words, the number of keywords you want 5. Your competitor should be displayed in at least 100 words. But he will pay cheaper seo prices.

I would like to give one more example to explain the subject more clearly. You are interested in auto repair in the United Kingdom. You have established your company before. You have rented a place for your business and purchased most of the required inventory. You need a few missing tools. But your opponent will open a new place; he has no inventory, he also needs to rent a place for his workplace, he needs to find staff. Which one of you will cost more?

Now I would like to ask you again: Can you tell seo prices according to the size of your company?

The size of your company is a matter that completely binds you. While we are talking about seo prices in United Kingdom; The prices we give vary completely according to the difficulty or ease of the keywords.

SEO prices in UK

- It changes according to the difficulty or ease of the keywords.

- Depends on how suitable the website is for seo.

- Depends on how many backlinks it needs.

- Depends on content quality or content requirement.

- If the domain is old, seo prices are cheap in the UK, and if the domain is new, seo prices are expensive in the UK.

- Depending on the support package you want, seo prices vary in the UK.



But depending on the size of your company, Seo prices do not change in the UK or any other country!



Hourly wage of a seo expert in United Kingdom:

Each specialist can tell a different price for his work, but the average is between £100 and £250. When calculating the seo costs for your company: "Monthly hours to work x seo expert's hourly seo fee" is calculated as.

For example: a seo expert who has to work 20 hours a month for your company and has an hourly wage of £100, will require an average of £2000 per month from your company. You can get it down to £1750 maybe if you bargain. This is what the hourly SEO price is all about.









To prepare special seo prices for your company: You can visit our SEO COST page and easily calculate the seo cost for your company with the calculation application.

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