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What is seo expert? What SEO EXPERT should know ? Who is called seo expert? Be sure to read our article that will answer your questions.



Normally, the thing that pushed me to make this page and maybe caused me to write hundreds of words was a search I made on google. While trying to see the performance of our site, I wrote "SEO prices" to Google and saw that we were there in a very good ranking. Then I saw a search term there, "SEO expert", I said, I wonder where we are in this search term. I did a search and I realized that we are not on the first page .. When I looked at the results, I saw the strange companies and companies under the name of "SEO EXPERT", half of them advertisements and half of them trust wordpress .. Of course, there is no proper company among them. But the Ads are completely garbage (if they know the job, they will be there with seo) The remaining half of them trust Wordpress who doesn't know Seo and when you ask them, they say I'm a software developer .. I was going to write an article about it actually. I was going to extend the subject and explain why you should not choose them, but I thought like this .. As SeoDizayn, our brand value is above this issue and if someone calls himself an "SEO EXPERT", what it means to make people not choose him is actually an SEO EXPERT and to stand out from them and prevent people from choosing the wrong one. I decided ..

Let's talk about:


What do I mean by an SEO expert? I don't know if I need to explain this.. Seo is Search Engine Optimization as it can be understood from its name..The person who knows this optimization very well is also called an SEO EXPERT. Even if he says SEO EXPERT with English pronunciation, it is not the case.

First of all, you need to have full knowledge of the website (web design a) in order to become a Seo Expert. If You Ask Why, In Seo, The Priority Is To Optimize Your Website To Make It Easy For Search Engines. If You Cannot Optimize Your Website, Seo Job Means It Will Remain You As A Distant Job. What You Need To Understand From Here .. It is essential for the person who says I am an SEO EXPERT to know Web Design.

What about Web Software? 

The Person Who Will Say I am an eo Expert Needs to Know in Web Software Of course. PHP, ASP (although not preferred), ASP.NET, PYTON Etc. It Is Necessary, But Not Necessary, To Be Able To Use One Of The Software Languages. Because Today's Web Sites Are At Least 100 pages and 200 pages. It is almost impossible to intervene in these web pages on a singular basis and bring google seo compatibility to each page separately. Or it is impossible for companies that eat bread from this business. It means you will spend months on a project. That means the company's bankruptcy :)

Let's get to the summary of the subject and the point we want to reach .. 

Now we said that a good SEO EXPERT will know web design... What is HTML CSS which is what does it What is Class What is id We said to he have to know.. So we said he needs to know in Web software to advance her business .. Half of those who claim to do this job on Google work with wordpress. the software doesn't what we gonna do them? People who work with WordPress are people who can't make web pages in any software language. If they knew the software language, they would make their own software instead of dealing with wordpress.  They confess what they don't know using wordpress anyway. Web design is an area full of incredible doubts about what they know.. Now, how can you help these people as an SEO Expert? How can PHP Software interfere with it in Wordpress without knowing the software language? How will she be able to complete the shortcomings and remove unnecessary areas?

So What Do We Need To Say To Those Who Are Released With Ads?

Google Ads has become essential for many companies. indispensable. Even if it appears on First Page on Google, I think there are companies that need Google Ads.  I have Customers Who Do This. But why does our SEO EXPERT friend want to go to the first page with advertising? If you know this job better than us and the people who work properly in this business, why do you advertise? Show your expertise on your own site, right?

First Page Guarantee on GOOGLE

I've seen a few of the bidet titles like a performance guarantee .. If you are going to give a guarantee on Seo, you give first page guarantee .. This is the racon of this job. Here I want to give an example from ourselves. We are not saying that we will definitely remove it to the First Page on Google. If we don't make it to the First Page, we will NOT take any money! We say. We call it a job completion guarantee. You can see that we have written this many times in Articles or SEO Headings on our website. It happened on pages that we could not extract until today .. But what we put on the First Page on Google is more. When We Give Reference, We Give Our Customers' Name, Not Their Phone, but Their Websites as Reference. You can examine it if you wish. 


In summary doslar SEO EXPERT requires a good knowledge of web design and a good knowledge of web software. If you have these, you will be on the first page of all kinds of google. If not, you will appear with an advertisement. Don't give them credit and waste money. A good Seo Expert is not a guarantee of performance. Don't waste money as it's moved from page 5 to page 4.


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