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We want to explain a few reasons why you should choose safe companies in your Seo and Web Design works. After reading our article, you will choose us .. Make sure ..


SEO and WEBSITE DESIGN What is a Safe Company?

You know about Seo & Web Design There are many companies in United Kingdom.. that is perhaps more in the way of these things from the company freelancing people working there .. Which one knows more than the other or which go into the subject makes it more beautiful sites .. from each other the right of labor to export, and labor watching differently.



So What's The Difference?



The difference is actually in the assurance it gives after making the web page. Although we usually say that people who work freelance do not give jobs, companies usually get these people to work because of the affordable price. Web pages are also unavailable after a few months. Or when they want an update on the web page, they cannot be updated. We received phone calls from many companies whose web page failed. With the information we got from the phones we received, they usually had someone who worked freelance and could not reach it later. Or they reached, they got ridiculous answers like I'm doing tube shop anymore. There are companies whose domains have been closed more than those who give mistakes. We are always telling the companies we work with that Domain should be in their own. Hosting can be wherever you want, you can have the web design done by the person you want .. Even if you have a freelance employee, you will lose the most money. But if you lose Domain, you lose reputation.



As you know, one of the most important criteria in Seo is the age of the domain .. Some of our customers bought a domain 10 years ago, but the people they built disappeared in the last 2-3 years and disappeared with it in the domain. They are trying to make SEO work with the new domain they bought .. Google looks at the old domain very differently with the new domain .. (rightly) We have repeatedly explained why the age of the domain is important in our previous articles ..



One of the biggest negative aspects of people doing this job from outside; When you open the phone, looking at the phone is coy ... Okay, let's say this from the beginning, software people are weak in looking at the phone. Even we .. But the difference is when he comes back. For example, if someone calls me while writing this article. If I talk to the phone during this sentence, I can not look at the phone at once because I will confuse what I wrote and what I did not write. The software is like this and it is more complicated .. Thousands of codes are in order and you have to put them on the page, while the controls and operations should be placed on the page as you think. the phone can put you at the top of the project. You can certify this as follows. Take a pen and paper in your hand; Divide 84257 by 138. When you come to the center, get up and get yourself a cup of tea .. You will see that you cannot continue where you left off.



As I said, although it is not possible to look at the phone at any time, it is important how long it takes to get back to you. We return before 24 hours (even 1 hour in most cases). Or when they call, we try to answer as soon as we can. Some software developers or people dealing with web design; They work in escape mode by saying "I got my money, what ı can speak with him on the phone



The biggest deficiency in Google Seo is that such people do not have any pool, and they have great difficulties in providing backlinks to you or standing behind the money the project takes. I'm already many companies set up WordPress in Turkey goes out, does not work in I know I got the money does not exit mode? How many companies have you encountered that give a job completion guarantee like us? We do this job for sure, we never said we are the best .. What we say is "If I can't do it, I won't get money". So how many of them work this way. Even if companies cannot do it, they receive a certain monthly fee from you .. They say "the money we work for". Freelance workers completely disappear, not looking at phones. What happened to your Google Seo business .. LI


es, folks, our prices may be a little higher than other companies. Or maybe we cannot get as many jobs as them .. but at least our phone number can be reached 24/7. None of our customers calls and says "God damn you". Even though the price is a bit more expensive, we have very good relations with many companies even though we have not been able to do their job because we do not eat bread without making bread.


If we are still showing a web page we made 20 years ago as a reference, the underlying reason is not that the web page is very beautiful, which is very bad for us. Our customers have preferred us for years. 


Whether you want to do Google Seo or Web Design.. Make your priority focusing on Trust .. In this way, maybe you cannot get the best done or even if you have not chosen the most affordable price, you can get full value for your money ..


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