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One of the most difficult issues for our customers is the selection of seo keywords. Sometimes our customers who come to us for Seo or Seo web design cannot choose the right keywords.

Meta Keywords Selection For Seo 

One of the most difficult issues for our customers is the selection of keywords. Sometimes our customers who come to us for Seo or Seo web design cannot choose the right keywords. So what is the right method when choosing keywords? Which words are suitable to be keywords for your company?  If you want, let's explain it in this article.

In fact, choosing the right keyword is not related to the work you do or the product you produce, it is about how the customer describes the work you do or the product you produce. To explain this, let's give an example from ourselves. We are a Seo Web Design agency. Although it seems like our main goal for our customers to find us in the word seo, most of our customers do not even know what seo means. Instead, our customers; They do searches like "go on page one on Google". Or they do searches like "website for Google". In general, most of the people who search for the word "seo" are website design companies like us. Do you think that seeing us by website design companies like us can bring us new customers?

In other words, when choosing a keyword, we should decide not on google or the way we know, but by thinking about what the customer will think and how to search. Or we can ask this directly to the customer. How did you find us by searching on google?

The most searched words related to website design on Google :

- web design
- website design
- google web designer
- website design company
- professional website designer
- responsive website design
- web design websites
- professional web design
- great website designs
- best web design agency
- sites design
- website for designers
- digital web agency

So how many of them are real searches and how many are searches made by website design companies like us? 

The same goes for keywords that are searched for in SEO : 

- seo website company
- website development seo
- seo web design services
- web design and seo company
- website design and seo
- seo web design company
- web design seo
- web design and seo
- seo website design

These keywords are words that receive at least 500 searches per month on Google. But as we mentioned before, how many of these are real users and how many website design companies like us do not know. If we knew how to do seo on these words, we could even give google adwords on these words.

The right method is to listen to your customers. The right keywords are what they say, how they describe your business or your products. Sometimes even the words you think are the dumbest can be the most sought after by customers.

While we are on this subject, I should also say that; Location is an important factor for seo website design. For example, you have a television repair business, This business is located in liverpool. A seo website design work that you will do throughout the UK may not gain you anything. Your customers may be searching for liverpool specific. Let's give an example from ourselves:

- London website design
- London website design company
- London seo web design
- London SEO company
- London seo website design

Now think of it this way. If you're focused on dating across the UK and haven't been in front of people making these searches in London, can you gain customers?
Sometimes it may be necessary to localize it more. As I said in the example, let's say you are a television repairman and you are preparing keywords for london. But what if your customers are making more local searches?
Like "statford television repairman". You will not appear on google with this keyword either. You may not be able to earn money even if you are on the first page or even the first place in google throughout London.

I want to explain this with an example. While dealing with Seo website design works in Istanbul, I got a new client. This customer of mine was doing boiler maintenance and repair works in Istanbul. He asked me to make a new website and bring him to the first page when "istanbul boiler repair" was written on google. Before long, we achieved what we wanted. After 6 months, I asked the customer " how his income was ". The customer, on the other hand, said that he could not get a single job. Because people searching on google were searching on google with keywords such as "bahcelievler boiler repair" or "besiktas boiler repair" instead of typing "istanbul boiler repair". A boiler repair shop, which was far from Istanbul, was not attractive to them.

If we come to the essence of the subject; For a correct seo website design, definitely ask what your customers are looking for and how. Be sure to catch the words in your customers' language. The keywords you find yourself may not work for you even if you rank on the first page of Google. It may not make you money.

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Benefits of Professional SEO​

Successful implementation of the SEO work and its continuous implementation help your business to increase sales as well as help your business in terms of recognition.


  • It allows you to be recognized in the internet world.
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  • It takes place as the best advertisement work.
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Our company supports you with an innovative and modern service content for Seo and Google Seo work. First of all, you are allowed to have a corporate website. Since the website is seo compatible, the possibility of being found in search engines increases. Your website, which has both seo and visual elegance, is user-oriented. This helps your customers to build loyalty towards your website. Keyword analysis is of great importance within the scope of Google SEO work. For this, the sector you are in is analyzed and the most accurate keyword selection is made.

  • Site, sector and keyword analysis is done.
  • A special SEO strategy is developed for your brand.

At this stage, support is also applied with digital marketing techniques required to increase the traffic of your website. If you want to contribute to the growth targets of your business, you can safely benefit from the service contents we offer and reveal your difference.

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Determining the right keywords is a matter that requires expertise and experience. All researches are done correctly and a quality SEO strategy will make you successful. For this, you can reach success in the most accurate way by choosing our company.

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Although there are many seo companies in the market, seo agencies or seo companies, the most important difference that will help you choose the right; The subject is how successful it is when it comes to itself. You should trust companies that appear on the 1st page in Google search results, that is, they have done a correct SEO study on their own site. Not everyone who says Google doing SEO is actually not doing SEO .. Keep this in mind .. The places reached with Adword ads are not real locations.

Google Seo

With the developing technology, internet usage has started to make itself felt in every aspect of our lives. In this context, search engines have increased their importance, especially by corporate businesses. In particular, being ahead in search engines is among the first commercial breakthroughs preferred by every business owner. If you want to add value to your business, you can contact our agency that offers google seo services and ensure that your site is ranked higher in search engines. Our company offers corporate service for every business owner to have a say in the sector with its quality, reliable and modern service quality. After google seo services, you can be one step ahead of your competitors in any keyword.
It is sufficient to contact us to have a say in the sector

First of all, we analyze your competitors in the sector by analyzing words. While doing this, we always offer you the best service by performing very comprehensive studies such as how we can move you to the top of the words you need in the sector and how to enable customers to interact with your site more. From modern web site design to google seo services, you can take advantage of our services by calling our company and browsing our site. In order to benefit from our detailed information and services, you can have a say in the sector by using our customer-oriented corporate services. Do not forget that with the developing technology, google seo services have increased the importance of reaching more people and customers, and you can benefit from our services by getting our professional support agency with our professional service content.

The leading search engine for SEO in London is, of course, Google. Having your website on the first page of Google will of course increase your customers. You can also gain many new customers thanks to SEO. While you choice " seo company ", you have to care.


Among the search engines, google's place is undoubtedly at the top. Google has already reached the top of the search engines with its work and development until today .. These studies were not only aimed at making google the most important search engine in our lives. Of course, the tools used are more accurate than the web designers. and it leads to smoother websites.

For example, removing the meta tag (keyword) structure from the past; By preventing webmasters who tried to stand out with fraud and cheating, it resulted in people who made google searches to be directed to more accurate sites.

If you want to rank high on Google, the most important thing to know first: no cheating and deception

If you do the right work and if you hear the word "No Laborless Bread", it will be inevitable for you to progress in Google Seo .. 

The updates you will make on your Google Seo website are all the corrections. The first thing you should do should be to prepare simple and clear web pages.  Simple say does not mean ordinary web pages.; Web pages where the user can easily access the content they are looking for..In addition, they are web pages prepared for all kinds of problems due to their structure. For example, a slowdown on your server should not slow down your site or cause the content not to be displayed.seo web design

If the user entering your site is mobile, it should not cause wrong clicks or non-displayed content. Even when your site is accessed from mobile, the content should be very fast and easy to click.

The more images you use on your web page, the more these images will slow down your page.Especially since mobile data uploads are limited by mobile users; It can cause problems in mobile entrances. That's why you should include as little visual and as much explanation as possible. Unless there is a very specific search, the person doing a Google search is usually looking for a content (article style). Trying to explain your problem with only visuals instead of giving this content would be an incomplete work.

After the use of meta tags, ie keywords, on web pages was stopped by Google, title tags on the pages have become more important. Using H1, H2, H3 tags on your web page correctly and in the right number will help your web page to rank higher in google searches. Of course, I do not think that we have to explain that these title tags are related to the content of the page.

seo website designer

I talked about server problems to be experienced on web pages. These problems are common problems for each site. If you do not have a data center dedicated to your site, if you are broadcasting over a ip on a server, your web page will slow down in some cases. When these situations occur, the loading of your web page will slow down, maybe it will stop. The main reason for this is that js (java script) and css (Cascading Style Sheets) files are not loaded. Since each js and css you use on your page is loaded by opening a link, each link will cause your site to slow down. For this reason, it would be the right method to provide css and js files with in-page codes as much as possible .. Or reduce the number as much as possible ..

seo prices london

One of the issues that should be given top priority when doing GOOGLE SEO is filling the title and descreption fields specific to the pages and filling them according to certain criteria. In many SEO web pages, it is said that 160 characters should be written in Descreption for the title. As SEODIZAYN, we will not talk about these numbers. What matters here is how compatible these tags are with your page rather than how many characters are. Correctly entered title and descreption articles that reflect your content will be the main factor in your promotion in GOOGLE SEO. Incorrectly configured title and descreption tag will cause you not to be displayed in GOOGLE.

Seo Website Design Company

Let's come to Pr, which is one of the important details. That is to the importance of Page Rank .. Google gives a value over 10 to each page .. In short, if we write Pr long, it says Page Rank Page Value. Page Value Is Measured By The Content On The Page And The Sites That Recommend It. It Will Be Easier To Explain This With An Example .. Think You Have An Electronics Store Anywhere In Istanbul .. Çevre Shopkeepers Recommend You to People Looking For Electronics The More Your Customers Will Increase is not it? . The same logic works at Google. The higher the number of sites that recommend you, and even the higher these sites, the higher your value will increase. If Sites That Technically Do the Same Job as You Recommend You, It Will Make You Stand Out More, Thinking You Have The Role Of The Main Dealer ..We Call This Recommendation Form Backlink (return link). If Your Site's Link Passes Between Html Tags of Other Sites (friendly site, making site, main dealer, etc.), your Page Rank Value will increase. This Ranking Will Lead You To The Top ..

Another Issue is Domain Age .. Domain Age is One of the Statistics Valued by Google. If we are tradesmen in our normal lives, we actually pay attention to these values .. How much we have to  trust is when a company established 3 days ago next to us asks us for a loan, or how much trust we trust when a company that has been standing next to us for 10 years asks us to borrow .. Also, this trust is added to the expiry time of the domain. Therefore, the Older the Domain is, the More Easy it is to have a say in Google, the Newer it is, the More Difficult to get a Google ranking ..

Undoubtedly, One of the Most Important Headlines About Google Seo; Product and Service Up-to-Date . Unlike Other Search Engines, Google Controls The Updated Date Of Pages .. helps to stand out if the page is up to date  You Can See This On The Best News Sites .. Frequently Searching for News Entry Sites, Google Indexes More Content and Puts It Higher in Search Results.

You can find detailed information about SEO cost. According to what we are seo pricing and details about our invoice policy. Also,you can find on this page What is the seo improve Guarantee.



When We Say Seo Prices, It Is Impossible To Tell The Seo Price Or To Make A Choice By Writing A Seo Package When You Actually Look At It.

The main criterion when giving an SEO price is the difficulty and ease of your keywords that you want to get out. In short, the higher the competition in your keywords that you want to appear on Google, the higher the seo prices, and the easier the keywords you want to be displayed on Google, the lower the seo prices will be.

Speaking of SEO prices, one of the key criteria here is how well-suited your web page is to the SEO infrastructure. If your web page is not made with ready-made applications and unnecessary coding is not used, SEO prices will be cheaper.

One of the facts that make Google Seo difficult is the age of the domain name. The older the domain, the cheaper the seo price.

Based on these criteria, we can quote an SEO price for your web page and start working. You can use seo prices calculter or you can see seo packages prices.


A correct seo is possible by a correct website design. Seo Website Design; It is a campaign package we have prepared for companies that need both web design service and Seo service.

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