Why is important Domain Age for Seo

What is the effect of domain age on seo .. What is the age of domain for a correct google seo study .. You can read our Google seo and domain association from our article ..

Although the age of the domain is not known by most companies, it is the most important for Google Seo .. When many companies come to us and want to do SEO work, we hear this sentence ..

- I don't have a web page, first make me a web page, then google will appear on the first page ..

We appreciate the companies' effort to appear on google quickly, we do everything we can, but the domain age comes into play here so that we can do the right work and get fast efficiency.

The older your domain is (5 years and above), the higher your success in Google Seo.

Here Google looks at this; The older a company, the more reliable it is .. (unless it has cheated before)

If I were to exemplify this from our real life;

 - You have a company on any street. Imagine that you have a neighbor for 10 years on your right and a neighbor who moved 3 months ago on the other side. If their business went bad and they asked you for support .. Like debt .. You would not hesitate to lend to which one. Which one do you trust?

If we say we have endexed the sense of trust to the domain age in terms of trust and workability in Google, we would not use a wrong expression.

At the same time, how many years your domain will remain with you in the future will be one of the determining factors in terms of Google Seo score ..

This is important for Google Seo as it shows how many years you will serve in the Market.

I think you have questions such as the dead end of the newly opened web pages ..

Of course it will, but the effort is more difficult, it requires a longer process and the higher the fee.

See you in another article ...

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